About us

Kimia Rushd, with three decades of experience in the production of animal and poultry supplements and drugs, strives to provide the best products as a leader in the veterinary industry in Iran.

This company has started its activity in Agh Qalla Industrial Town since 1372 and has focused on meeting the productivity and health needs of livestock and poultry. With the development of the livestock and poultry industry in Iran, it has established a unit for the production of dicalcium phosphate and fat powder so that this company can provide higher quality food supplements and also, due to the continuous research and development of this company, new products such as “Rexarson” and ” has produced choline chloride to be recognized as a leader in the veterinary industry to improve the productivity and health of livestock and poultry in Iran.

This company is capable of producing food supplements for livestock and poultry with formulas suitable for the needs of livestock farmers, poultry farmers, and aquaculture farmers and uses a modern production unit that operates using equipment in accordance with ISO7 and ISO8 international standards.

“Kimiya Roshd” is committed to continue providing food and pharmaceutical supplements for livestock and poultry with superior quality and high productivity for its customers and colleagues.

Our products

multi vitamine

Supplier of multivitamins with the best Materials of reputable global brands.


Producer of anti-coccidiosis types and effective in diseases of coccidiosis infections


Manufacturer of livestock and poultry antibiotics according to global principles.


It has strong disinfectants with proven effectiveness

Anti parasites

It has effective and diverse anti-parasites.

Di-calcium phosphate

Manufacturer of dicalcium phosphate according to the standard.


The ability to produce livestock and poultry supplements in customized and unique formulations according to customers' demands


Manufacturer of concentrates suitable for livestock and poultry with high efficiency.

Choline chloride

The first manufacturer of choline chloride in Iran with a GMP license (by Part Peshsaz Poya Company)

Our experience, the health of your farm.