Kimia Eco Mix 25

Type of concentrate: 2.5% Economic concentrate of broiler chicken

How to use: powder mixed in grains

Packaging: 25 kg three-layer bag

target species:

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  • Composition:

Vitamins in 25 kilos of 2.5% concentrate:

Vitamin A 950000 IU
Vitamin D3 2500000 IU
Vitamin E 25000 IU
Vitamin K3 3000 mg
Vitamin B1 2500 mg
Vitamin B2 6600 mg
Pantothenic acid 14000 mg
niacin 35000 mg
Vitamin B6 3500 mg
Vitamin B9 1400 mg
ویتامین B12 15 mg
Vitamin H2 150 mg
Antioxidant 5000 mg

Minerals in 25 kg

Fe 20000 mg
Cu 12000 mg
Mn 110000 mg
Zn 100000 mg
I 1250 mg
Selenium 300 mg
Choline 400000 mg

Nutrient composition

Metabolic energy (kilocalories per kilogram) 3500
crude protein % 13.5
Calcium % 23.6
phosphorus % 12.5
digestible lysine % 4.45
digestible methionine % 8.2
digestible methionine + cysteine % 9.4
digestible threonine % 2.3
Na 5.2

The values of the chemical analysis of the nutrients mentioned above are different from the actual biological analysis due to the use of multi-enzyme and phytase enzymes.

  • Important points in using the concentrate of Kimia Rushd company:

– It was recommended that for the first week of the breeding period, the optimal pre-starter grain should be used to achieve herd uniformity and better final performance, and after that, concentrate should be used.

– The formulation of these concentrates has been adjusted according to the normal amount of salt in the water used by poultry, and if the water used is salty, salt-free concentrates should be used.

– The quality of water used in poultry farming should be investigated in terms of microbial contamination, salts and chemical properties.

– One of the important factors in achieving good functional results with concentrates is the supply of raw materials (corn, soybean meal and soybean oil) with good quality. Brokenness and high percentage of corn meal, using soybeans with lower protein and solubility, as well as not using soybeans with lower protein and solubility, as well as not using suitable vegetable oils in the diet, will cause a decrease in the performance of meat herds.

– Avoid any changes in the suggested rations or addition of undesirable raw materials