Amprolium + Etopabate

Type of medicine: Anti-coccidiosis

How to use: powder mixed in grains

Package type: 5 kg aluminum foil.

target species:

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  • Composition: Each gram of powder contains 250 mg of amprolium hydrochloride and 16 mg of etopabate


  • Mechanism of action: Amprolium is used by Eimeria due to its structural similarity to thiamine and thus
    In the first 3 days of Eimeria’s life cycle, protozoan metabolism is disrupted. Amprolium is most effective in
    It affects the first three days of Aymera’s life cycle and affects merozoites and other stages of Aymera’s life cycle. Etopabate
    Substituted for para-aminobenzoic acid and by preventing the production of tetrahydrofolic acid, it has an anti-coccidial effect.
    applies itself


  • Indications: Prevention, control and treatment of coccidiosis disease caused by different species of Eimeria in layers, broilers, breeders and turkeys.


  • Storage: keep in less than 25 ͦ c and protect it away from straight sun light. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Contraindications: The simultaneous use of this drug with a diet containing choline and furazolidone is prohibited.


  • Withdrawal time: 3 days before slaughter the poultry


  • Drug interactions: The high amount of thiamine in the diet prevents the maximum effect of this drug. Of course, it is recommended to add this vitamin to the diet when vitamin B1 deficiency is seen in the herd. Side effects: Consumption in high doses may cause vitamin B1 deficiency.


  • Precautions: According to the clinical diagnosis, a small amount of vitamin B1 is usually added to the diet.
    After opening the packaging, it should be consumed within 60 days.
    Use the ready-to-use medicine within 24 hours at most.


  • Keep out of reach of children.