Type of medicine: Antibiotic

How to use: oral solution

Packaging: One liter polyethylene bottles

target species:


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  • Composition: Each ml contains 100 mg doxycycline hyclate.


  • Mechanism of action: Doxycycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic with bacteriostatic effect, which binds to the S30 subunit.
    Ribosomes prevent bacterial protein synthesis.


  • Indications: Doxycycline is used in broilers, pullets and turkeys in the following diseases:
    -CRD caused by mycoplasma
    – colibacillosis caused by E.coli
    – Joint infections
    – Poultry infectious sinusitis
    – Necrotic Enteritis caused by clostridia
    – Coryza caused by Haemophilus


  • Administration and dosage: Half to one liter per 1000 liters of poultry drinking water for 3 to 5 consecutive days. Drinking water containing medicine should be consumed within 12 hours. Withdrawal time: The drug should be stopped 5 days before slaughter.


  • Storage: keep in less than 25 ͦ c and protect it away from straight sun light. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Contraindications: The drug is contraindicated in laying hens (during the laying period)


  • whose eggs are consumed by humans.


  • Drug interactions: – Interferes with cations. – It should not be used with penicillin, aminoglycosides and cephalosporins.


  • Side effects: Long-term use of doxycycline may cause changes in the normal flora of the digestive system


  • Precautions: The solution containing the medicine should be consumed within 12 hours at most


  • Keep out of reach of children.