Type of medicine: Anti-coccidiosis

How to use: powder mixed in grains

Package type: 5 kg aluminum foil.

target species:

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  • Composition: Each kilogram contains 10 grams of Maduramycin


  • Mechanism of action: Maduraplus is an ionophore and monovalent coccidiostat, which increases the osmotic pressure inside the cell by changing the permeability of the protozoan membrane to sodium and potassium cations, as a result of which the action of mitochondria is stopped and with the hydrolysis of ATP, it causes a disruption in the parasite’s metabolism and the death of Eimeria. to be


  • Indications: Prevention, control and treatment of coccidiosis caused by different Eimeria species in chickens and turkeys


  • Administration and dosage: 500 grams per ton of feed or as prescribed by veterinarian


  • Storage: keep in less than 25 ͦ c and protect it away from straight sun light. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Contraindications: It is prohibited in laying poultry whose eggs are consumed by human. It is recommended to prevent the development of resistance against this drug. Consecutive use of this drug should be avoided.


  • Withdrawal time: 5 days before slaughter.


  • interactions: Do not administer maduramycin with other ionophore coccidiostats at the same time.


  • Precautions: After opening the package, it should be consumed within 60 days.
    Use the ready-to-use medicine within 48 hours at most.
    Do not use Maduramycin in feed containing binder pellets except bentonite.


  • Keep out of reach of children.